Are Survival Fears Chasing You?

“Worrying about scarcity is our culture’s version of post-traumatic stress. It happens when we’ve been through too much, and rather than coming together to heal (which requires vulnerability) we’re angry and scared and at each other’s throats.”

~ Brene Brown

One of my favorite times of the week is when I’m on our conference calls with one of the Dream Pods. These brave Dreamers are so dear to me–courageous, truthful, strong, committed and vulnerable. We usually tap into some nitty-gritty topic that shines a mirror for each of us to peer into. These calls are super rich food for our soul.

Unconscious dream messages are electric, they bring so much light to life! They help us know what our conscious mind can’t see. As the dreams speak we connect with challenges, joys, healing, relationships, old outdated ways of living and new creative endeavors. It is beautiful to witness the on-going transformation that is happening with each Dreamer.

This week, we zeroed in on the topic of survival. What to do if your job is threatened, your marriage is shaky, or your body isn’t functioning up to par? Our survival instinct, which kicks in when known familiarity is at stake, takes us in to worry-based questions like: What will I do? How will I survive?

Our survival mentality has all kinds of thoughts and reactions about what to do if our life is turned upside down, leaving us without our reliable resources and energy. If you are like me, at some time in your life, you may have considered what you would do if you lost everything; health, job, money or relationship.

We Dreamers found several worst case emotional scenarios–to include feeling like a failure, shame and unworthiness. And the physical scenarios included sleeping on the streets, showering at the Y and working for minimum wage at Burger King. Personally, I’ve always seen myself going home to my moms house and living in her spare bedroom. (And, actually this wouldn’t be so bad mom!)

What’s great about being an aware human being is that we don’t have to let our fear-based genetic program be the motivating force that runs our life. We have choices!

1st choice: We can align with the overwhelming majority of people who are stuck in survival mode. In this place, some typical actions to remedy stress are to work harder, do more, ignore the issue, attempt to control life and everyone around us, or fall into the identity of suffering martyr. We can tell our stories and gossip about the doom in the world. And, we can focus on the ‘what if’s’ til the cows come home. Worry about survival can be our everyday reality.

2nd choice: We can muster up courage to expand beyond our program and not create deeper grooves in the fear tracks. We can stop focusing on the stories that reinforce fear. And, instead commit to practices that expand our heart and soul. Over time, expansion takes over and moves us into our inner abundance composed of faith, trust and integrity. Fear of survival is replaced with the true abundance that lies within.

There are many powerful practices that expand your heart and soul. All the Brilliant Powers will take you there. The one that gives you the most direct experience of how abundant you really are is Generosity.

Generosity is the Brilliant Power that moves us beyond self-interest and propels us to share our gifts, talents, love and authentic expression. Our generous nature creates connection with a larger world, allowing us to experience the vast abundance the world reflects back to us. When we give of ourselves, our inner resources flow out and we experience expansion.

Your Generosity, even if it just the simple gestures,will over shadow the limiting mind that focuses on lack. Generosity over-writes the survival mentality that focuses on “never enough”. Offering yourself generously will always give you an experience of your inner abundance.

How might you contribute to your world this week? Ask yourself: what can I do, how can I serve, how can I uplift this moment, or what can I offer into this relationship?

Practiced on a consistent basis, growing your heart of Generosity will Raise Your State.

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