3 Exercises to Expand Your Awareness

“The Universe contains three things that cannot be destroyed; BEING, AWARENESS and LOVE.”  – Deepak Chopra

No doubt about it, it takes Courage to Raise Your State. When you choose to feel better, make wiser choices and connect to greater peace and love, Courage is a necessity. When you decide to break free from what’s not working for you, release limiting beliefs, and step up to take full responsibility for your experience of life, courage is a necessity.


1. Awaken Your Awareness as to how you are dreaming your life
2. Commit To Raising Your State
3. Embrace the Unknowns that arise with transformation
4. Open to All Life to integrate your whole, free, expansive nature

Without courage and awareness, we operate from our ego-mind that is conditioned with denial, limitation, attachment and fear. We stay trapped in familiar survival patterns that keep us in our safety zone—even if we are unhappy or feeling disconnected. Without awareness, we stay comfortable to survive.

Imagine for a moment that you have created a cage to live in. It is just the size you intended it to be. How does it feel in there? Is there room for your soul life to expand and be free? Or, are the bars squeezing you too tight, causing stress and unhappiness? Notice that the gated door is locked from the inside– where you live. It takes courage to pick up the key to set yourself free. Are you up for exercising the courage it takes to break out?

This week, try these 3 Simple Exercises to Expand Your Awareness:

1. Break up your routines: Do 3 things a day that take you out of familiar routine. Note what happens to you in a week.

2. Watch your mind asking ‘Why?’ And each time you ask ‘Why?’, change your point of view to ‘Why not?’

3. When you catch your Should-Master ordering you around– Stop, check in, and ask yourself, “Is this Really what I choose to be doing?”

On this week of the new moon and new beginnings, it is a great time to re-commit to Raising Your State.

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