3 Empowering Ways to Stop Self-Abandonment

The Warrior Spirit that Masters Your Mind!

Your No Ninja offers 3 Ways to Stop Self-Abandonment

Take away the Hammer of your big judge!”
If you are making up a big judgmental story of how anyone should be or act, to include yourself, DROP YOUR HAMMER! Who anointed you ‘special authority’ to beat up on yourself, and others, over and over again? Judgment does major damage to your relationships and especially the relationship you have with yourself. Take away your hammer to get your ticket out of mental hell and stop abandoning the presence that you are.

“Stop your hustling to Be enough.” 
If you hustle to be accepted and approved of by others, you’re still running the ‘I’m not enough’ program. This is always a Lie. If you’re exhausted from hustling in the world or in your relationships to be enough; successful enough, rich enough, loved enough, heard enough, happy enough, give up your need to be filled from the outside. Accept yourself perfectly as you are to fill up your own love container.  Stand up in your life and take on the mantra ‘I’m enough’ , then recognize how deeply relaxed and peaceful you become. 

“Be 100% responsible for your happiness, peace and fulfillment.”
No one is responsible for your feelings or experience but you. When you make this your internal truth you will kick your victim to the curb. You’ll feel your feelings and let them pass through without attaching a drama story to them. And you’ll recognize  you have choice as to where to put your attention in every moment. Dig deep into your belief system and stop making anyone outside of you responsible for your happiness.

If you choose to Raise Your State this week, amp up your No Ninja status and master these 3 guidelines. If you choose happiness and harmony in your relationships, empower yourself by focusing on them as a top priority.

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