2014 Quiz For You


We are grateful for you being part of our Raise Your State community this year. Whether you work with us one-on-one, travel on our spirit journeys, participate in our apprenticeship or dreaming circles, or read our weekly emails….We Appreciate YOU!

As we say goodbye to 2014 and open the doorway to a New Year, here is a little quiz for you.   AWARENESS IS GOLDEN!

We invite you to check in with yourself, observe, contemplate and make note of your awareness. Has your dreaming mind upgraded your life? Are those Brilliant Powers sparkling more brightly in your heart? HOPE SO!

IF you’ve Raised Your State…

You open to change and expansion with less worry.
(You now know that worry is a ridiculously useless habit.)

You are more deeply connected to what matters to you.
(You’ve let go of those outdated obligations.)

Your grateful heart begins and ends your day.
(You’ve recognized how complaining and resisting takes you down.)

Your old stories are replaced by your presence.
(You feel vibrant and current in your life.)

Your honesty has cleaned up your life.
(You are free to be you.)

Your personal loyalty has created healthy boundaries.
(You enjoy more respectful and meaningful relationships.)

You’ve retired that heavy handed judge.
(You value and gentle you now.)

You just can’t engage in contagious gossip.
(You know the value of using your energy wisely.)

Your patience leaves you free from an urge to force.
(You’re engaged in the process of life.)

You respect others and experience more ease in your relationships.
(You stay on your side of the fence.)

You’ve engaged forgiveness as a constant prayer.
(Your heart is free to love.)

You experience more love in your heart and ease in your life!
(Happiness is becoming a consistent state.)

May the New Year bring you closer to your heart’s desire.

Let’s get our 2015 ON!
Victoria and Doug


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