13 Ways to Value You

“To be beautiful is to be yourself. You don’t need to be accepted by others. You need to accept yourself.”  ~ Thich Nhat HanH
For all you Raise Your State warriors who are dreaming your life with awareness, here is a refresher!

For you who might be feeling disconnected from your heart, your voice, your integrity or your happiness, this is for you!

These simple guidelines will shore up your energy and align you with greater self-acceptance, self-respect and self-trust.

1. Define your top 5 priorities –  what matters to you?
* Dismiss what matters: your heart disengages from your life.

2. Get on the Evolution train..
* Refuse to change and grow: you contract a little each day.

3. Fire your Should-Master. 
* Live with this tyrant: fear robs you of your authentic choices.

4. Be Impeccable with your Word.
* Slip and slide around: you lose your integrity.

5. Make choices that uplift your heart.
* Abdicate conscious choice: you float aimlessly and your dreams die.

6. Let your feelings arise and pass through.
* Deny your feelings: you lose presence and vitality.

7. Say ‘Yes’ and say ‘No’
* Without clear choices: your values are trampled.

8. Honor your uniqueness and your personal gifts.
* Disregard your authenticity: personal power drains away.

9. Speak and be willing to rock the boat.
* Muffle your voice: resentment grows while you shrivel up.

10. Learn to Let Go
* Hang on: attachments drag on your energy.

11. Tolerate or not tolerate the actions of others.
* Put up with and refuse to set boundaries: you suffer.

12. Choose connection and belonging.
* Allow fear to isolate you: with nowhere to express your love and you sink into loneliness.

13. Generously express your love.
* Withhold your love: you shut down your heart. Happiness is a result of Love coming out of you.

What I notice about Happiness is that it is contagious. This weekend we are in Big Bear, California jamming – Shamanic Journeying to be exact, with 18 folks who are open to clearing  blocks to love and happiness.

Although I wrote this earlier in the week…I suspect we are in deep communion; reflecting each other and recognizing the one Heart that arises when we come together to raise our state.

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